Whirlwind day

Today started at 4:16am which I found slightly ironic as 4/16 is my birthday and there's nothing I'd like less on that day than to be awakened at that hour. Poor J- I think his ear was hurting, so up we got. After we dropped O off at school later, we went on a breakfast date to Pain Quotidien where he devoured a ham plate and bread and jam. That was after two scrambled eggs at home, so I think/hope he's on the mend. Then we headed back to O's school as I was Shabbat mom so brought challah and juice and read stories. It was nice having both boys there as I've loved being Shabbat mom since J started in that class years ago. I now find myself quite hungry, having realized that I haven't eaten since the omelet this morning. Off to get a few items for the kohlrabi mash I'm making tonight- just the thought of a mash evokes such a feeling of comfort, and I think that + wine sounds like a fine dinner for one.

I am very grateful to be off-duty for the next few hours and am looking forward to seeing Tom tomorrow.