Where does the time go?

Last I checked, I rolled up to my empty house at 9:04am, so excited about a few hours in my kitchen. Alas, it seems it wasn't to be. It's now rushing up upon 11:30 and I need to leave soon to pick up Ol. I spent about an hour finishing up our parent statement for his PK application only to save it via PDF and have it disappear. Sad. Redo! Then a spammer/bot came to visit Em-i-lis, and I've been trashing inane comments about walnut oil ever since. The hermit crabs needed some tending, the house is a wreck though I swear I just cleaned it, Percy needs a walk, and I still haven't finished unloading the groceries I came home with more than two hours ago. My feet are cold, my oven is colder, and blimey, I've got to get to the post office too.