People, things seem to be falling rapidly apart 'round here. 90% of the folks I know are in a supremely peevish mood, cold-induced rage simmering just below the surface, manifesting as fatigue, stress, emotional ups and downs, frustration, blah! Shoulders are hunched, brows are furrowed, we're all just so flipping cold. Even the kids have started bad-mouthing snow. Found out yesterday that one of the main water treatment plants in our area malfunctioned so we're on a super-fun, extremely time-efficient Boil Water Alert. Presently, I am literally boiling water and letting it cool so that we can bathe and sip. Jesus h, people. Am I in the nation's capital, or am I making that shit up?

I threw the first pot of roiling water onto the ice sheet that is our deck. Slip-and-sliding down the stairs is the last thing I need, not least because I cut the bejesus out of my right thumb on Sunday night (washing knives, thought the blade was down, it was up) and feel down a half hand. Thumbs are exceedingly useful things and I miss mine being fully functional. I felt better watching all that damn ice disappear but then realized what an utter waste of time any more of that process would be. I need this damn water for us, yo, so we're not drinking poopy water.

For pete's sakes.

To make matters more fun, the kids have no school tomorrow. Surely you jest, Em? Alas no. It's a conference day. I can't wait for more inside togetherness. Truly, it'll be swell.

I have, on a positive(?) note, rediscovered my passion for 1,000 piece puzzles that I originally rediscovered last July when I had effing pneumonia. Jack and I wrapped up Gum Wrappers on Tuesday, and today I am expecting delivery of both Playing Cards and Puzzles. A puzzle of puzzles. Who am I? Em-i-nerd?

Winter is really driving me to new and greater lengths. Of what, I'm not totally sure.

Husband got home so late last night that I was already asleep. Boo hiss new somuchlonger work hours. Miss that guy. Also, he threw my enormous mound of lovingly sorted recycling into the regular garbage can this morning just before the truck arrived which really busted my chops. Come on, man!

But I'd like to give a shout out to my little Ol who has been "dwy" at night three nights running. You're a champ, Shamrock.

And, since issuing a 25₵ fine for being awakened prior to 6:15am, we've slept peacefully until at least 6:16. Swear y'all, get a fine jar of your own and you can wipe out craptastic behaviors in.a.flash. Haven't heard butthole since putting that jar out. It's like Elf on the Shelf but less creepy and all year long!