Unbelievably weird dream

T thought dinner last night was the cat's meow. The tiny, multi-hued potatoes were perfectly salted (secret, in my opinion, is to use flake salt), and perfectly roasted: when your knife sliced each skin, there was an almost imperceptible puff, followed by a subtle release of steam and an intoxicating fragrance of spud. Our steaks were cooked to each of our preferred doneness: mine, medium-well, his, medium-rare. The fava bean puree, resplendent in all its glorious spring-greeness, is such  a terrific summertime wing-man for steak. And a nice Rioja rounded out the meal winningly. Having had a large cup of caffeinated tea during my Italian class Wednesday evening, that night of sleep was foiled. The early morn was further foiled by the children, so by 9p last night, I was bushed. T offered to let me sleep in the basement -yay- so I took my tired self down, did a crossword and called it a day. Sounds lovely, right? Surely I am more rested today, yes?


The wildest dream since the last wildest dream resulted in that wretched feeling of having been awake all night even though I'm sure that's not true. Apparently, we lived in a different home, went on a vacation and decided to bring home a tiger. Yes, a large, adult, from-the-wild tiger. Because he was cute. Naturally this was incredibly stupid, and what seemed to commence was a nightmare game of musical rooms: we all moved fearfully from room to room as we attempted to avoid the tiger.

Was I channeling The Hangover? I don't know. Concurrent with this ridiculous tiger-at-home situation was a visit from my parents during which we kept trying to go out to dinner at a fancy bistro -Mom even ordered a Lillet at the bar- but then the kids would escape and wreak havoc in another nice restaurant, and we'd have to race over and corral them and there were always two other kids with ours and apparently we were in charge of them too but why the kids weren't with the babysitter was a mystery but probably had to do with the large tiger pacing through our home.

I do not know what to make of any of this REM romp and I feel extremely vague right now and we have a rehearsal dinner in Baltimore tonight. So, I just iced a Reine de Saba and think I'll try to get dressed.