Friends, I was awakened at 5:50am (after going to bed past midnight) to calls of "I need help wiping. I need help wiping. Mom, Dad, I need help wiping." Oh boy. I had fallen asleep on the couch; Jack had been with me because he woke up around 11:30 and in my jovial state I invited him down for Christmas music and chocolate cake. Apparently, he did not find the couch to be a comfy sleep spot for two so he left sometime after I nodded off and moved back into his cozy bed. Fast forward to Oliver's patient yet plaintive calls for potty assistance, and it was with some vagueness and definite fatigue that I rolled off the couch and mosied up to him. Then it was off to the races! We all had gumbo for breakfast because why not; that and a side of leftover cheese straws and a sliver of cheesecake made for a hell of a breakfast. I am not hungover but I do feel like I'm on Mars. And boy do I have a lot of cooking looming in front of me. Not accepting a large catering order for pick-up on Christmas Eve might be a lesson learned this year. Better hop to it!