Turning a corner?

Today, I had a smashingly good breakfast of: Levoquin, Advair, Robitussin and a few other fun-time treats. This medicinal buffet just makes my stomach feel oh-so sated and good. NOT!

So I rounded things out with some of that granola I made a few days back + Greek yogurt and homemade jam. This combo plus the smoothies and chicken soup have been my trifecta-of-eats this week. It's like I'm on some sort of weird, probiotic-heavy detox; not my favorite diet but if I have to find a silver lining it just might be that I'll fit into that dress I bought in Italy last year. Yeah, that one I've never worn because I stupidly bought it after having thrown up for four days straight due to that horrid bug we all acquired in Venice. Why I did not put two and two together that one can only wear an extremely fitted, ivory-colored, drop-waist silk dress IF one is Barbie or Giselle or has just emerged on the other side of an unhealthy bender like PukeFest 2012 --read: not me in everyday life-- is beyond me. I must have been in some sort of calorically challenged fugue state when making that purchase. I should go try it on just for kicks. That would probably use up all energy I do have right now and then Tom would come home to find me horizontal on the couch looking like the wrath of god albeit very well dressed.

But really, I think I'm in the process of turning the corner. And that sure as hell better be the case because a) I'm really, double-dog over this pneumonia shit, and b) the BlogHer conference is soooon. I am to leave first thing in the morning on Thursday. Hell will have to freeze before I miss this cool event.

As a completely random and fairly snarky aside, there is a regular contributor to a site on which I'm active, and this person just thinks (s)he is the bomb. Like the end-all, be-all of knowledge in every arena (ridiculous) whilst maintaining a constant air of "you are a pathetic excuse for everything" when interacting with almost 100% of everyone else on the site. To myself I have just begun referring to this person as a "dutch oven fart of a human." I think that is really funny. Hee-hee, saucy Em-i-lis.