Trying Tuesday

I do believe this grotesque weather is getting everyone down, and too, today was just one of those in which I felt defeated at every turn. What a depressing way to experience a day, you know? The morning started too early, per the usual, with Oliver needing the bathroom and Nutmeg attacking Tom's toes. That cat is a toe hunter of the most serious sort. I ended up taking both child and cat down to the basement with some delusional idea that we'd all get back to sleep. No, Nutmeg sat on Oliver's head, both squirmed, I tried my hardest and at some point think I must have kicked them both out with a suggestion that Oliver go eat some cereal. An hour later, Tom woke me up with coffee and had fed the boys and pets. Amazing. I had a crappy migraine all day so did fit in a short nap which was helpful to some degree. After school pick-ups I was all set to go to the gym but when we arrived, we found that the Kids Club didn't open for another 30 minutes. Home we went. I think I almost cried at that point. I've just gotten the boys in bed and sense the timer has started ticking down to the time at which I'll simply have to go to bed, all the reading and writing I wanted to do be damned. Boo. How does life's to-do list grow ever longer when you feel all you do is try to cross things off and avoid adding? All that can be done for now is to make a good and satisfying dinner, take a breath and say aah.