Today was truly a marathon- have lost the will to bake anything; WF One Day Deal

What a major day- it was a race from start until now, a full 12 hrs + change. Fortunately, it was filled with many good things so minus the raging migraine I've got as my toxic copilot, all's well. I went to Pilates and then to the most wonderful Celebration of Light ceremony in J's kindergarten classroom- it was just beautiful in every way and culminated with each child lighting a candle and sharing with us what their inner light shines for; Jack's light shines for helping Oliver when he's hurt. Yes, I was in tears by the end. O is back on the napping wagon, merciful god, so I managed to get a shower and vaguely caught up during that. Then back to the races of housework, pick-ups and so forth. This afternoon, an old friend stopped by. He's one of the neatest people I've ever known...went to college with T, and I've gotten to know him over the years since T and I met. He's lived and worked all over the world, recently drove 10,000 miles through 16 countries (Czech Republic-> Mongolia) in 37 days to complete the Mongol Rally and is now studying Arabic in Beirut. It was wonderful to sit with him, catch up and hear his stories, and the children were reMARKably well-behaved. Will wonders never cease?! They were completely angelic.

Now I'm off to catch up and feel that I've got reams to do. Having made the boys a lovely dinner but having not had time to get to the market today, cooking dinner for me would require more energy and creativity than I have. So, it's cereal or take-out TBD. I hope to be back on the stick with good things to share with you tomorrow.

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