Thoughts on this fine Friday

Yeses and most-definite NOs

When I see people mistreating their pets (or animals in general), I A) think immediately and without the possibility of redemption that they are assholes, and B) want to gouge out their eyes. It is the height of despicable inhumanity to harm animals just for kicks or because you're a jerk. If an animal is actively trying to eat your child or hurt you, sure, knock yourself out. But to be walking a dog and kick it?? That is undoubtedly a horrible person I don't ever want to know. (NO)

Hand-written thank you notes, y'all. Classy. Thoughtful. Appreciated. Always casts the writer in a lovely light. (YES)

Unicyclists waiting at bus stops. Why? Where are they going where they need a unicycle or cannot unicycle to? No idea. (SURE)

When someone follows you on Twitter and then unfollows you if you don't re-follow them within two hours. Classless. Silly. (NO)

You know when you see someone heading to her car in a busy parking garage or a spot on a swamped street, so you follow politely and maybe even motion to confirm her leaving and then put your blinker on to wait patiently? That girl then needs to get the eff out of her spot. I find it SO rude when people know you're there and then get in and start texting or emailing or just sitting a spell. (NO)

Sincere compliments to random folks. Make someone's day. It feels great to reach out and provide a smile. Go for it. Be generous. Always a (YES)

Butt-selfies. (NO)