Thoughts on other travelers

I just love observing folks at the airport, and I'm always left with so many questions, many of them totally vacuous and unimportant.For example, why is the adult woman at my ten o'clock wearing an enormous, appliquéd, v-neck Tweety-Bird shirt. Why?

And what is up with the guy whose head is lazily shaved except for the fringe of greasy curls cascading down his neck? It's a bald mullet gone wrong, and that is really saying something.

At my seven o'clock is a man who looks like he's doing his very best to channel a smarmy 60s/70s used car salesman who fancies hitting the disco at night. Velvet blazer, oversized and tinted glasses and more greasy curls.

Oh MY on the ill-fitting floral-on-black denim jeans worn with puffy black high-tops. Ditto for the blousy, MC Hammer pants in a gray-scale leopard print with navy Converse kicks and a lacy, knit cardigan.