The perfect means to cheer, thank you everyone

One of my dearest friends, S, who I've known for thirteen years now wrote me yesterday morning and said this: "Doll, screw that ole bag Alice Munro.  You should be winning the Nobel in literature this morning.

You should read the Philly story in the Home and Garden section of the Times today.  I miss Philly.  Life is just so easy there.  Not hard like New York.  I think you need to do a piece and ruminate on your Philly days.
BTW, Sandra Bernhardt lives on my street and said to Macho last night on our walk: "Aww, cutest fucking dog ever."  What a classy lady."

I swear to god I haven't laughed this hard in ages. S (his nicknames include Stoli, Doll, Shawnie-Shawn-Shawn), I love you. And to all of you out there who have reached out to me with such love and support and kindness and thoughtfulness, thank you. Thank you so very much.