The heat is coming, the heat is coming

Rumor has it that tomorrow and Monday are supposed to be extremely warm. Needless to say, I am thrilled. Just the idea of it makes me want to buy a chaise lounge, some little cocktail umbrellas and a Jackie O pair of shades and put them all to use immediately in our backyard. You've got to take advantage of the brief period of spring before the onslaught of mosquitoes arrives to challenge your love of nature and commitment to products without bug-destroying chemicals. Like a western apparition, Oliver walked into our room this morning wearing his digger PJs and his red felt cowboy hat that also resembles an organ grinder monkey's chapeau. Anyway, I say apparition because O still sleeps in a crib and we had not gotten him out of it. "Ol, how did you get out of your crib?" "Oh, I just climbed out." Hmm. At least he's a strong, coordinated youth.