The aftermath of a good party

Now, don't get me wrong. Last night was superb, and in going to bed just before 1:00am, I called it a day (a morning?) hours before Elia and Mom. But I am tired today. Wow. It was with enormous gratitude that I brought the boys to school for a "long" day (those on which Ol stays until 2:15), and other than lunch out, us adults spent much of that time draped Dali-like over various couches and beds throughout the house. soggy Percy

Even the pets seemed soggy. And that's something.

soggy Nutmeg

I did spy these little tomatoes and am thrilling with visions of sweet summer tomatoes, plucked and enjoyed before the sun's warmth fades from their skins. It's coming...


If I want a rhubarb pie badly enough, will it appear?