Terrific new product

Can I just tell y'all that it incenses me to spend hours in a doctor's waiting room?! I took the first appointment of the day and left 40 minutes early to leave time for dealing with rush hour traffic. I was still -I thought- cutting it close so I parked in a garage which will cost god knows how much, arrived on time but the doctor was not even here and still is not. I adore my doctor but coming to her office takes as much time as a haircut and highlights. Blarg!!! Anyway, with ample time to read the entirety of the NYT Home section (another of my faves), I discovered this product: the Slobproof Paint Pen (slobproof.com). Basically, it's a hollow paint brush that you fill with your wall color paint. Then you can fix scuffs and mars immediately and with ease. I really think I will have to get one of these, especially as Oliver seems committed to clandestine graffiti as of late.