1) The Gatekeepers is a very interesting documentary, and I highly suggest you watch it. It's about the Shin Bet, an Israeli intelligence/security operation (distinct from but in communication with (I believe) the Mossad and the Knesset), and the belief in the two-state solution. 2) Tom just stubbed his toe, to the point of bleeding, whilst stretching. I needn't say more, right? Jesus h.

3) Jack had an enormous meltdown today when, after telling him not to do something five times, I caught him in the act of doing just that. He lost dessert for two days, not least because he actually disobeyed and then lied about doing so, and then accused me of being horribly unfair. I was laughing my face off because the entire situation was so ludicrous and said to him, "Jack, this is absolutely riDONKulous." He then got even angrier and proclaimed, "that is NOT EVEN A WORD." I'm still laughing.