Stubborn as a mule

I pride myself on trying to beflexible, reasonable and chill. Does this always work you ask? Certainly not, but still.

The latest of such failed attempts in my life demonstrated and thus underscored to me the magnitude of just how darn stubborn and determined -like a mule!- I really can be.

I had a slight surgical procedure last Friday, and then napped away the day with my dog, despite having tried to ignore and soldier on through an unwelcome anesthetic fog.

The next afternoon, I congratulated myself- eight hours more spent reading and lazing. But by last night, Em-i-lis could take it no more, agnolotti, pies and goodies were waiting.

To be made and devoured, but wait that's not all; wasn't the next morning the farmers' market too? Yes indeed, and at 9:00 today I was eagerly  immersed, in sunchokes, potatoes and carrots of all hues.

Thrilled with my purchases but feeling a tad weak, I headed home aware of the error of my ways. Like a dog with its tail hanging contritely between his legs, my stubbornness left me feeling like an ass in a haze.

So at present I'm prostrate in bed taking it slow, chastened but still frustrated to the nines. I guess we really do have to slow down on occasion, and now is one of those times.