Spring cleaning and a V.I.Poll

I cannot enthuse enough about my love of spring cleaning! I have just halved the number of bins and trucks in them taking up floor space in our living room. It's a beautiful sight, and the boys definitely will not miss these vehicles, not least because I have put in their place a small, vertical vat FULL OF light sabers. So, I see floor and space, they see a fountain of fake weaponry. Win-win! Later this week, I'll be building a new herb planter for our deck. My knees aren't as young as they once were and we don't get much sun in our yard anyway, so I figure I might as well jump into the realm of raised beds and maximize our sunniest spots. I cannot wait to erect this bad-boy and then sow away. There is such promise in a newly planted bed, regardless of size or whether it's functional -food- or simply beautiful. I swore to Tom that I would give up on planting vegetables other than greens and tomatoes other than those in the cherry-sized realm. I'm winnowing down this season to: Sungolds; Sweet 100s; herbs; and lettuces.

And now, I really need you readers. I REALLY need you to please complete this brief poll regarding the future of Em-i-lis. As always, it's completely confidential.

Muchas gracias.

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