Sorry her name was Lucretia but a great quote

“In the true married relationship, the independence of husband and wife will be equal, their dependence mutual, and their obligations reciprocal.” -Lucretia Mott, 1840s

Amen, Lucretia. Me likes your words! Which is why this morning, as my husband attempted to stay in bed despite having had a hotel room to himself since Sunday, I refused to let him do so. Reciprocal parenting obligations my dear!

Yesterday, Oliver, who has been practicing so diligently at writing all the letters ("in big ones, you know, uppercase"), made me a card. I was very touched to see "MOM" carefully crafted as I don't think he's written that word before. However, I then saw that the word just before Mom was, wait for it, "BUTT." Butt is his very favorite word other than Oliver. It was the third word he could ever spell and as far as I know, the second he learned to write. If you think I take great pride in this, you're slightly off. Yes, yes, I'm happy he's spelling and writing, but BUTT? Recently he wrote LOVE and that was very dear, a nice change of direction. Anyway, I said, "Ol, did you just make me a card that says BUTT MOM?" Oliver: "hah! yes! BUTT MOM! hah!"

Good lord.

Two days ago, Oliver was pretend-reading (which I love and definitely support!) a book in the hall outside Jack's bedroom door. Jack said, "Ol, those are not the real words" to which I replied, "Jack, it doesn't matter, he's learning." I then heard Jack mutter, "yeah, yeah, I guess at least he's furthering his education." Hah!