Sono molta stanca

Yo, in Italian, that means, "I am very tired!" Smartest phrase I've been able to conjure all day, and truth be told, it's nothing more than rote, a long-ago-learned phrase that has stuck because of its utility as a frequent state of being in my life. I went out of the Back to School gates waaaayy too fast and am paying for it now, just as the weekend approaches. Weekends with small'ish children are never relaxing, so I'm feeling like I've really not set myself up well. And, although I am a heat-loving Louisianian, the inferno that was today nearly reduced me to a pile of desiccated schmutz. Sweat droplets coursed down my face as I waited in the motors-off carpool line this afternoon. I fanned like a lunatic but it got me nowhere. Breeze was an elusive grail. At one point I started to feel fully pissed, simply because I was so miserably a'steam.

It makes complete sense to me when scientists hypothesize that those areas whose climate change effects present as increased heat and drought will likely suffer increased civil war and general conflict. Not only will everyone be thirsty and unable to grow or clean anything, they'll be funked out to beat sixty by sitting uncomfortably in their own sweaty, sunburned skin for lengthy periods of time.

I was so peeved I felt desperate, and that was after 20 minutes for christs sakes.

Food for thought.

Speaking of food, I have lost all ability to stand so certainly will not be able to cook tonight. I am hungry but more than hungry, I'm tired. So, I don't know what the future holds. Right now I'm feeling nth degree grateful to have had a magnificent babysitter here since 4:30. I have been flat on my back since then, except for a shower to desweatify my hair, scouring W magazine and making vacuous mental lists of peeps and fashions I do and don't like.

I love, for example, Olivia Munn. I dislike immensely and cannot believe they're still committed to this look, Bottega Veneta's model's hair. Awful. If I wanted to look like a wan space alien, I sure as flip wouldn't spend a small fortune on the clothes this gal is showing me because I simply cannot get past her ridiculously geometric hair.

bottega veneta

That said, I am wild for the booties. Spectacular!