Sono molta stanca!

I am very tired! But what a nice day, for the most part. The boys slept and/or were quiet until 6:45a! Y'all, seriously, I do not remember the last time I woke up on my own when they were in the house. And now stupid Daylight Savings will swoop in and ruin everything. I don't know one parent who doesn't loathe DS with a fury; it is forever upending just-polished sleep schedules. At least we're springing forward- it's the worst when you fall back into a morning of being awoken in the dark with an extra hour then strapped on your parental back. Anyway, they slept and then I got to go to yoga, and then a babysitter came for a few hours, and I got to work in the yard the whole time, and now I'm sore as balls and can hardly move but take-out is coming, and we've got Bill Maher to watch. All of that goodness definitely outweighs the fact that the boys were complete aliens by bedtime tonight -like the kind you don't ever want to meet again- and T leaves tomorrow at 6:30am. 6:30 people! A.M.! Oh mon dieu. Can I just tell you that one of our lovely neighbors (truly, I love them) has a tree that leans over our fence and, as if it has the runs all the time, deposits waste all over my garden there? It is the ugliest tree ever and in any case, who could love a diarrhetic tree? I got out our pole saw today and went to town on the low-hanging boughs. Makes me want to curse just thinking about it, but I'm going to save my energy for eating dinner and guffawing at Bill and his guests.

In looking ahead to this week, I see that I am bringing 15 scones to Ol's class on Wednesday for his birthday treat and have 60 scones due Thursday for a lovely little catering order. Just call it Game of Scones -hah! terrible joke, per my ability. I'm not a good joke-teller or -getter. Ciao.