Oh my gawd..... I am beyond tired. It could be that I worked outside for a long while this morning, and it's darn hot here. Perhaps I didn't hydrate enough. It could be that the boys have been up between 5:30 and 5:50am every day for, oh, the past two years. It could be a lot of things but does it really matter? Probably not. I've tried to find the time to nap and to get to bed early, proper sleep hygiene a doctor once called it. I get enough exercise, I eat well, but regardless, I'm flipping tired. Real tired. Exhausted tired. Can't finish a sentence tired. I did manage to blow dry my hair today which is really quite an accomplishment, so to start off my weekend (no different from the week), I've just opened a bottle of lovely white wine and toasted myself. I'm pretending to be doing some "very important" work downstairs while T manages the ridiculous brouhaha that teeth-brushing always devolves into. More evidence that without the civilizing influence of parents (esp moms), young children (esp boys) would definitely grow up tending towards the boorish and crass, not to mention just plain dirty. Are you all anticipating the start of the Olympics? I love the Olympics but I do not thrill over the opening ceremonies. Why on earth would you make the best athletes in the world wear the ridiculous outfits some fashion-challenged Board orders? I mean, have you seen the US teams' get-ups? What are they, waitstaff on the Love Boat? The women's skirts make me cringe. And then there is the whole political going-on about the clothing being Made in China. Obviously this is a critical point of contention when half the counties in America are in dire straits because their crops and livestock are DYING because of the climate change NO ONE will actually deal with in any responsible way. I mean, let's definitely go nuts over Chinese-made garb but let's definitely not do anything about what is going to cook and/or starve us all. And while we're at it, let's consider electing Mittens who is traveling to impress us with his foreign policy know-how but managed to offend England before even taking off from the US. Good god, people. This man is out.of.touch.

I bought LOTS of salmon today at the Whole Foods sale but have completely lost the will to do anything with it tonight. As does Trixie in Knuffle Bunny, I have gone boneless (great description of a toddler tantrum, btw).