So nuts it's hilarious

I am nearly catatonic right now so busy has today been, but I simply must tell you Part B of the ludicrous health insurance termination story that continues to spin. I called Aetna, went through the lengthy rigmarole of the menu: "who are you?", "say your ID number clearly," "more clearly," "did you say XXXXX?", etc. Finally I yelled "operator" at the stupid recording and was gently told that she would love to transfer me to a customer service rep. The phone rings and rings and finally, do you know who picked up? Another recording telling me that all of the agents were busy in a training that would help them serve me better and to call back in an hour. The irony.

At that point, I simply threw in the towel and rolled with laughter about the ludicrousness of not staggering the customer service training sessions, much less leaving even one agent available to take calls. I did not call back in an hour because really, who can just sit around waiting for the time to be right for customer service peeps to serve the customers?

It is seriously time to call uncle on today. Getting my car window replaced tomorrow and then it's off to the catering races.