Snoozy Saturday

Not snoozy in the sense that we got to sleep past 6am, but snoozy in the sense that it's a beautiful day and has actually been relatively lazy. For my family at least. I made a double batch of beignets (like 30 beignets) which the boys wolfed down seemingly instantaneously. I got two, Tom maybe had four. So, that was thrilling, and then we watched Batman & Robin as a Saturday morning family flick and truly, it is such a horrible film. Wow. The boys thought it was cool, but T and I were just baffled by how bad it was. Fortunately, before its end, Tae Kwon Do beckoned, and the boys and I headed out. Jack did a fine job, and we then went to the market and then back home for lunch. Presently, I'm on the couch working (just posted the marvelous mushroom ravioli recipe from last night!) and the boys are playing in a box outside. It's a police car and although Oliver is a builder (and for some reason were boxer-briefs over his shorts), he is working with Officer Jack (who for some reason insists on using his voice changer as he drives) to catch Bane. This morning, the box was a boat and also a cave. Seriously people, why do parents ever buy toys for their children? I'm so terribly guilty of toy over-purchasing but they are pretty much always equally or more happy with a plain old cardboard box. 

I have some big plans for pear jam and apple butter today but they remain theoretical for now because this couch is comfy and the kids aren't running around like loons so I'm going to stay here until I am forced to move. Yay!