Site snarkiness, Sex-Ed?

We're having some fits and starts in making the changes in Em-i-lis that I'd like to see but bear with me. The comment feed is much better but there is some weird link between Em-i-lis here and Em-i-lis on Facebook. We, by which I mean Tom, will have things fixed in no time. I went to a talk at the kids' school tonight: when and how to talk to your children about sex. I am totally in agreement that parents and teachers should be the primary sources of kids' education about sexual development and reproduction, and my attitude has always been to stick with the facts and use real vocabulary (no hoo-hahs and woo-woos in this house!), yet I admit to not necessarily looking forward to the conversation. That said, I will do what I must to best educate and nurture my boys, and I fully intend to drag Tom fully into all big conversations had.

Guess I best get a book!

I have big plans for dinner tomorrow night so will keep you posted. For now, I'm off to bed.