Oh my gawd, what a flight. Apparently the entire population of four-and-under children is going to New Orleans today and liked our flight best. Truly, the numbers are astounding, and about 50% are not happy. Like really not happy. Fortunately, about 20% of those finally passed out as we approached NOLA airspace, but man. Don't judge lest ye be judged, and I've certainly had less than stellar trips with my boys, but I think it goes without saying that if you give a child an iAnything, you should turn the volume off and make sure it stays that way. The girl in front of us is shrieking along with her game.Meanwhile behind us are two young adults signing to each other at a rate that should win a contest. It's terribly impressive. That said, I can hear the incredibly loud rap of her pen on the armrest and wish the tandem crossword they're doing wasn't so frustrating. Powerful fingers you have, ma'am!