Sense-memory of music

What a fun night. I lost Triv Pursuit but by just 1 wedge of pie. I am regularly amazed by the transportive nature of music; being fairly non-musical, I am always (!) blindsided by how I can be pushed back in time by a certain song, album or genre. My default is to be silent; when T travels, I never turn on the TV, and only rarely the stereo. Even that term dates me, I'm sure.

The Samples' Weight of the World just cycled through, and I was a freshman again, rooming with Rosemary, pondering whether to miss or attend the Bobb formal. I went, and found my first true love of college. Magic. Cypress Hill's Insane in the Brain plays, and I'm at a frat party. Tracy Chapman- is this love the one? No, Lifehouse sings to this it? And then, 3 Doors Down sings Kryptonite on Alias and in Boston, and I'm getting in shape for my wedding...

The list goes on and on. As the New Year approaches, steadily, earnestly, assuredly, I consider all the vows I've made, all the times I've felt desperate or confident about what might occur in the months ahead...always, there is music, suggesting, promising, warning, accompanying. I've been single, coupled, happy, concerned, confident, not, but always, there is a soundtrack, and upon hearing certain songs, I am transported. And now, I am truly happy.