Random Sunday morning musings

Doesn't the phrase "Aleppo Codex" just sound really cool? It's like Ministries and Directorates rather than our (very underwhelming) Offices and the like. We need to have Ministries! Directorates (but not scary dictatorial ones)! Codices! Perhaps more would get done in various levels of government if they enjoyed cooler names. At this point, anything's worth a shot, yes? Paul Ryan? Really? I am not of the mind that this will help Romney. Under Ryan's tax plan, Romney would pay just 0.8% in taxes. And as T just said, "if you don't believe me, go watch the debate when Romney said (disparagingly I might add) that he'd pay almost zero under Ryan's hoo-ha nonsense." Well, hoo-ha nonsense weren't his words, but the rest were.

We are having such fun in Philly. It has been FAB to see our friends, and last night we had the best time indulging in pre-dinner drinks at The Franklin Bar (everyone who heads to Philly should go there at least once; it's my favorite bar ever) and then a delicious feast at Zahav. I'm not sure what we're going to do today but T and I do need to get home and finish things up before the boys return tomorrow. It will be so good to see them, and I can't wait for them to lay eyes on their playhouse!

Last night, I dreamed -again- that Amanda Hesser and I were fast friends. I'm sure this would come to pass if ever we meet.

Off to the paper!