Quote of the morning

This was in the weekly newsletter from J's school, a wonderful Quaker institution whose values totally speak to me. I feel inordinately grateful that J is a student there, and I could not agree more with the attitude expressed in Swayne's quote (below) which, as you'll see, was published in 1959! What is happening to this country, or at least to the parts "led" by the Rightists who are walking us back rather than forward, as ardently and quickly as possible? "Because there is a great diversity of opinion on the problems of the resurrection and immortality, and since Quakerism takes no formal stand on any of them, it becomes the function of religious education to present as fully as possible all points of view and reasons therefor, and allow each individual to form his own conclusion from the evidence presented. No person can do this adequately who has been allowed to see and understand only one side of the picture. It is especially important that children be given a secure foundation of faith in such a way as to leave the doors of their mind open..."

-Amelia W. Swayne, from The Observance of Easter, published in 1959

Amen, sister!