Quickest re-entry you ever did see

Wow! Talk about immediately being back to it. We stepped in our front door last night and hit the ground running. It was rather shocking to be awakened at 6:14 today; better than 5:45 but NOT the 9am+ we'd been sleeping until (clearly we need it) in Charleston. Tom had to leave again this morning and likely won't be home until Friday evening, and the boys seem to alternate perfect health with burgeoning colds and at times appear to have been attacked by the demanding stick: parasitically-needy-minus-manners is not my bag! Jack was off from school today, and I kept Ol home just in case. One of J's buddies came over and we spent most of the day at the Building Museum which was fun, but I took it as a real kindness and act of vicarious empathy and understanding when a random man came up to me while I ordering lunch for everyone and said, "no way could I do this with three kids in the city." I shot him a smile of thanks to be sure. It's 4:33p, and I can't wait to go to bed. And I'd planned to make blood orange-ginger jam today... Hardy, har, har!