Peevishness settles in

Today started at 5 am. I can't remember why, nor does it really matter. The morning was a smooth one, generally speaking, and the kids and I even fit in a game of Sleeping Queens before carpool came to fetch Jack. I brought Ol to school and then met a good friend for a long walk on the Capital Crescent Trail. She grew up in MA so was not ridiculously over-dressed for the mid-30s weather as was I with my long-underwear layer, wool socks, boots and Louisiana constitution. Hey, it felt a lot colder than it turned out to be and the sun actually transmitted warmth rather than just light. We kept up a good pace too and by the time we returned to our cars, I'd stripped off my jacket and sweater. Another reason to make sure the long underwear you purchase is cute! Then, despite the increasingly warm temps on this lovely day, I started hearing more about duh...duh... the approaching winter storm that's supposed to throw us DC-area folks into a major snowquester. This is, in my opinion, extremely unwelcome. Also, I find it weird, an eerie calm before the storm, to have such a pretty day washed dramatically away by thunder-snow (apparently we might get such a confluence of intense weather) just hours later.

Today around noon (two hours before T was to depart), all flights from CA to DC were cancelled through tomorrow night or Thursday, so Tom is now staying put in SF rather than heading home. This is also a real bust. The boys' hijinks this afternoon were funny until they weren't, turning towards the dark side just as we welcomed into our home a potential babysitter we were meeting for the first time. Mortifying. Since this kindly young gal left (she probably started running as soon as she reached the corner, poor lass), I have chosen to wear the hat of Disengaged Mommy because I was so mad at the kids that keeping some distance seemed wise. I need to keep the old reserves up as I'm quite certain school will be cancelled tomorrow. Terrif!

Nutmeg is a dream, I tell you, a glass of wine in cat-form. He just kills me. Every time I so much as step foot in my bathroom, into the sink he flies, nestling in like it's the snuggest, poshest bed ever. It just can't be thus but he's convincing. Observe.