Pantry done, why making and freezing extras is awesome

The pantry sitch looked rather bleak for a while, but I caught hold of a mean second wind and carried on. It's now totally organized and cleaned out and looks fab. I felt like I did just days before giving birth to Oliver- like a manic mother bird nesting compulsively. Yet I'm not pregnant so really can't figure out this urge but am happy to have embraced it. At least this was truly functional. Right before Ol came along, I found myself ironing a spare duvet cover. Say what? I loathe and suck at ironing; in fact, before T and I married, I made it abundantly clear that a) I didn't iron, b) couldn't and did not intend to learn, and thusly c) if he were to go into business and therefore need a pressed shirt everyday, he'd have to do it himself or fund dry cleaning excursions. C happened. So you can see how totally out of character the duvet care was. Anyway, I was on my conference call when T got home and asked him to deal with the chicken. He rummaged around, and lo...homemade BBQ sauce in the freezer. It was absolutely wonderful with the grilled chicken, carrot and raisin salad and yet another night of couscous dressing.

Donald Trump is the most egomaniacal douche bag ever y'all!