Oscar night

Probably because my spirited mom has hosted an Oscar party annually for the past 30+ years, but also because I love fashion and there's just something about the glamour of it all, I really enjoy the Academy Awards. I don't always think the award committee acknowledges or rewards quality over hype (why is Ben Affleck not up for Best Director this year? Why did Titanic win Best Picture? Why is Jennifer Lawrence a front runner for Silver Linings Playbook? Why is Silver Linings Playbook up for anything?), but it's a grand affair steeped in history and tradition, and I look forward to this evening each time it rolls around. As with New Year's Eve, it's rare that I make it to the end of the Oscars; I'm just too tired and know very well what my wake-up time will likely be. But the getting-ready part is such fun. I love to mix fancy drinks or uncork a special bottle of wine and sit with T on our couch as the red carpet opens for business. All those of Seacrest ilk in their finest, smiles plastered on their faces which you just know ache by night's end, greeting the gorgeously attired (most of the time) stars as they arrive. The women are corseted into such incredible, sweeping, ethereal gowns, the men more handsome than ever in crisp tuxes. The juxtaposition of us in elastic-waist pants in a messy home, tired and just happy to be quietly together clasping chilled coupes with these decked-out, made-up, super-coiffed, diamond-encrusted pillars of Hollywood is great. And I love the eccentrics who come out to play too- Bjork and Mickey Rourke come to mind. Anyone can be eccentric of course, but wealth and fame seem to embolden those celebs that tend towards the odd, and they seem to take great pride in the strange plumage and affects they bring with them to ceremonies like the Oscars.

I was all about steaks and chimichurri tonight but instead decided to focus my efforts on the liquid part of our meal because it's sort of been a day. We'll be grilling a perfect, smokey pizza while enjoying a flight of cocktails, new recipes I've discovered lately. I've already scanned in my and Tom's ballots and emailed them to Mom. She and her crew -the suggested attire at her fete is always black tie or blue jeans, and she wears one of Dad's tux shirts with cut-off shorts or jeans (depending on the weather) plus faux jewels, or not- will be voting too and the winner always gets something fun. They'll be drinking and eating and enjoying this newest addition to the collection of Oscar nights spent together I know they hold dear in memory. Cheers!