"Nothing would be done at all if we waited until we could do it so well that no one could find fault with it."   -Cardinal Newman

I just love this quote. New to me, our yoga teacher commenced class with these words today, and I have to admit that keeping them in mind while working through tough poses really did help keep perspective on things, a sense of humor about stumbling out of a balance or hold. All too often, I judge myself on my "success" or "failure" to perfectly complete and hold each posture which is precisely NOT the point at all.  In looking to gain strength and burn some calories and because I truly enjoy the rigor, I sometimes push my body beyond what it's telling me are its limits that day, determined to perform despite, for example and like today, having been up since 4am. So to be able to sincerely laugh or at least grin through it all was terrific.

I think many of us, especially us ladies, tend to do this about many aspects of life: our appearance, our work, our parenting and so forth. Some people seem born with a more easygoing temperament, able to take things in stride with less self-judgment. Others struggle mightily with self-acceptance and love in the most serious and most banal ways. An admitted perfectionist in many ways, I am certainly not immune to such verdicts on self, but I have worked, and continue to work, to roll with it more. My top pie crust wasn't big enough? Ah well, all the better to see the pretty innards. I raised my voice [screamed] at the boys? Well, I'll try harder not to next time but parents have limits too and isn't it a valuable lesson to teach children that.

So, give yourself a hug today, do something not because you've mastered it but because the process is where life lies.