Y'all, will this snow day ever end?? Monday was MLK Day, Tuesday was a report-writing day, and then today, despite clearly plowed roads since late last night, school was cancelled. I, and every other mother I know, cannot wait to do the drop-and-run tomorrow morning. Yes there is snow, and yes it is extremely cold, but seriously. Let's get this party resumed. We have visited with friends, gone to the orthodontist, dropped off a gift, picked up the water bottle I forgot at the dentist yesterday (I think Jack's mouth has set a record for most expensive 7.5 yr old mouth ever at this point), watched a movie, played in the snow...I am now officially bored, frazzled and tired. I have done nothing on my own to-do list, my house looks like a tornado passed through, and my mom arrives tomorrow. Thank god.

Percy is setting new records for irritating-dogness, and Oliver has acquired the MOST annoying tic of constantly clearing his throat.

In an attempt to displace some of this vexing context, we made a gumbo last night and it was magnificent. I could eat gumbo every day and would enjoy doing so. It is comforting TO.THE.MAX. I also made two enormous Applejack Rabbits; sadly I feel a tinge of blech today which is certainly not being alleviated in any way by having been interrogated all day long.

The kids are so cute and good, but seriously. Let's get back to school!!!!