New perspective

Just home from Ladies Night, a lively and well-attended event out at Twins Ace Hardware in Fairfax. Seriously, that is such a well-run store staffed by such a nice, knowledgable, helpful crew. I did see some familiar faces, met some new folks, sold some jams, learned about a great coffee roaster and importer in southern Virginia, Lexington Roaster. I definitely want to take Tom down there! He'd been in heaven. It was so restorative to get out and away to do something for me. Sometimes, the path to being a better parent is one that takes you away from your kids for a brief time. I had a couple hours to talk to adults about a subject I enjoy, and not once did I hear the word butt. Aah!

Now pooped and really hoping to get some reading in before sleep overtakes me, I bid you goodnight. Lots of cooking planned for tomorrow- yay!!