My leg-warmers have toe-loops!

I have just discovered a brilliant feature of my bouclé leg-warmers: they have toe--loops that hold them close to the front of your foot to maximize the warm factor. Before I go into further detail, let me help you pick your jaw up off the floor. Yes, I have leg-warmers. And yes, I'm aware that they are not that cool unless you are a professional ballerina, but frankly, I'm not sure why they're cool then because if you're chilly in the studio, maybe wear leggings instead of butt shorts which necessitate the wearing of leg-warmers. Since I am not a ballerina and thus do not actually know just how critical the butt shorts are, I will let this go because at the very least, ballerinas look great in both butt shorts and leg-warmers.

Back to my leg-warmers and their magnificent toe-loops. I bought my l-w's last year because you cannot do yoga in socks and aren't suppose to do Pilates in socks either but in the winter, my feet are like ice blocks so something had to give. L-w's were the meet-in-the-middle solution and a good one to boot. I then came to find that when you get a pedicure in the winter, you cannot risk polish smudge but your damn feet are freezing, so again, l-w's are quite a fix. After this ludicrous week, I treated myself to my first Gingerbread Latte (coffee aficionados, I know this is sinful; I don't otherwise sweeten my coffee. Ever.) of the season and a pedicure this afternoon, came home, immediately was beset with ice block feet and recalled my l-w's which just last week I had moved into my winter-wear drawer. Out they came, and as I donned them it occurred to me that the second hole might not be an ankle slot but rather a toe-loop.

Shit, now that I write this I feel certain it actually is an ankle slot, but whatever, I've got my big toe looped in and my feet are cozy.

On a different note I am so over my dog tonight I could cry. He's drinking water like he just sand-sledded across the Mojave in the hottest part of the day and keeps begging to go out and come in, go out and come in. No, he does not have any sort of urinary tract issue, nor is he ever deprived of water or the outdoors. Back off, Percy!