My first miss

I missed my first day of Em-i-lis yesterday, not bad for having written at least once per day for the past 2+ years. Nonetheless, I missed it. Just too busy and something had to go. Farmers market, big family breakfast during which there was some hilariousness of the idea of milking a cat (I can't really explain, but we were all about to fall off our chairs), Jack's final baseball game (another enormous family affair which was fun but again, his sweet team lost; it was their best game ever though so go 1st grade baseball), racing home for six people to shower and get pretty, a 45-minute drive to the wedding, tons of fun at the wedding and reception, the drive home, et voila. It's Monday morning, and I have a huge amount to do in anticipation of the 40th anniversary party tonight. Off to roast 5 pounds of beets, pick up the 7 pound tenderloin, deal with that, prepare some horseradish (you should see the size of the root), make some mint-pistachio pesto and some horseradish sauce, pick up the rolls, pick up the  bouquet (I took a wedding-day pic of my parents to a great local florist, yay York Flowers, and they are recreating Mom's bouquet; isn't that marvelous??!!), get dressed, pop some corks, and off we go.

Tomorrow is my Sabbath.