Motherhood serenity prayer

Yesterday Ol woke me at 4:40 with a booger-removal 911, and again this morning at 5:20. In addition to later going to the Container Store to pick out an exciting Kleenex dispenser that I will insist he start to use rather than coming into my room to access mine AND reminding me that at the ripe age of 4¾ he absolutely can blow his damn nose, I, tired-as-get-out Em-i-lis, am putting this prayer for afternoon serenity out into the ether as we have an after-school craft planned. Crafts and my children aren't the smooth types of experiences Moms of girls get.

Oh goddess of tired Mommies, Please grant me the serenity to appear joyful when hand-laminating Wild Kratt Creature Power Disks this afternoon with the boys... The courage to repeatedly exclaim how totally cool It would be if one could truly "Activate (fill in the animal) Power"... And the wisdom to take periodic bathroom breaks So as to ensure regular intervals of deep breathing restoration.