Moon colony, pizza night, where has this weekend gone? cocktails

Is there anything left to be said about the moon colony being our 51st state idea? How in heaven did Blowhard utter this idea with a straight face? Though I'm sure space coast Floridians are sad about the loss of the space program, did anyone buy the idea of colonizing the moon? If so, they should be sent there. The Republican primary is such a farcical event of giant proportions. Wow! Such great fodder for comedy though. This weekend has been insanely busy but with some great stuff, play, food, the farmers market, brief naps!! And tonight pizza and good wine night. Yippee!

Has anyone seen the great new libations guide, The PDT Cocktail book? It's a bartenders guide from an old, famous speakeasy, is encyclopedic and really fun to read through. Last night, T made the Ward Eight, a cocktail from the 1913 Sideboard Manual for Gentleman: Rye, lemon and orange juice, simple syrup and pomegranate molasses, shaken with ice and served in a chilled coupe. Delish!