Today was a major showing of parental tag-teaming, and as such, I don't have much to report on other fronts. The kids were busy and happy and have been fast asleep for a couple hours now. I'm not long for this world but while on the couch with T watching 60 Minutes and then Real Time from Friday, I became increasingly distracted by the incredible moon-and-cloud show rolling by just outside my window. I made T pause the show and grab our tripod while I took the camera out the front door and started metering. The moon is so intensely bright, the sky behind the clouds (before they, disappointingly, blew away) so inky black, that capturing both in a way that did them justice was beyond the scope of our abilities. Nonetheless, I'm struck by this image of la luna. You can just see a bit of the top rounding backwards towards that which is hidden from view, and the craters give us a sense of their various depths in the degrees of shadow caught on film. (How quaint, the word film. Alas that is not accurate but it sounds more romantically lovely than memory chip or the like). a full moon shining over DC in late January

Off to bed but what do you think of Jon Tester? I like him. And I still groove on Howard Dean's complete willingness to just say what he's thinking and what he feels. Amen brother!