Monday musings

A walk with Percy, a pedicure with a friend (extremely necessary for my feet as the once-lovely gold I had painted on my nails had faded to some terrifyingly fungus'y-looking hue; bleck!), time spent making dinner for the grands (you really must try Donna's Summer Beef Salad, in entrees, as it's both incredibly easy and preposterously tasty), to camp to pick up my boys, time spent writing, time spent cross-wording, an exceedingly bland dinner for one (hubs is at Rolling Stones concert), gratitude for having seen the Stones twenty years ago so that I have no guilt or envy about not seeing them tonight, excitement over the birthday cake I will make for J's party this weekend (tiered! black sugar glitter! Luke and Darth battling with light sabers!), the realization that I still have not done my Italian homework. Ah, summertime. DSC_4028