Milk punch to welcome Christmas Eve

After a low point between post-Seussical and pre-present opening this evening, we finally got down to it, per my Louisiana tradition of family presents on Christmas Eve followed by Santa gifts in the morning. The boys were thrilled: remote control car/robot (Jack/Oliver), bow ties, hand-cuffs, Robin costume (the not-Batman) and books. It was such a delight to watch their faces and see them truly enjoy all their goodies. Afterwards, T and I made milk punches for us and for the kids, sparkling apple cider with cherries. Though it stopped snowing, the afternoon has been so festive and happy (a milk punch helps folks; it's stroooong) and as we head into evening, everyone is relaxed and at peace. Nutmeg is thrilled with all the old wrapping and empty boxes, and Percy was happy to receive a long-term chew. Wishing you all the merriest of days.

milk punchrobin NIK_1386