MIA, home tomorrow

It has been such a treat being home with my parents, sister, grandma and the boys. I know I've been pretty darn absent on Em-i-lis, but this family time is so special. And being on the bayou, in the slowness that is SW Louisiana is so relaxing. Just look at this view from my parents' porch. Aah! I head back to DC tomorrow for six days alone in my home with T and Percy. T and I are going to build a playhouse for the boys, I'm going to cook and read a ton, and then we'll head to Philly right before the kids return. They are so darling and funny. I know I'm going to miss them a lot, but I will say that doing the flights home tomorrow by my own self does sound pretty luxurious. I've got two books packed, no three!, and can't wait.

Miracle of miracles, the swim teacher I hired here in Lake Charles has worked magic and Jack can swim! Jumps in the pool! Loves it! Swims without floaties or goggles! Oliver is even jumping in! I couldn't have asked for more. Here they are, post-swim!