Mani/pedi, apple rye punch, dinner for 1

T is in NY tonight, and so it's dinner for one over my way. I've no idea what I'll make or even what I'm in the mood for. As we did Meatless weekend -unintentionally really- I feel like I might and it'd be ok to just have a good turkey sandwich and call it a day. I might try making an apple cider-Rye punch for which I recently saw the recipe. Though I didn't love the toddy at all, the idea of a cocktail this time of year feels festive and now I have so many ingredients, what with T's recent haul. So, we'll see I would like to express an enormous amount of gratitude for a beloved sitter coming this evening so I could sneak out for a quick mani/pedi. Boy did I need to sit in silence and take a load off! Doesn't the threat of Santa watching your every move mean anything anymore?? Hell!