Male hullabaloo

The cat is chasing rainbows as Percy, tired after cleaning up the aftermath of the boys' dinner, snores on the couch. We have one of those solar-powered prisms in our window, and each afternoon, as the back of our house receives the setting sun's beams, the prism spins, making rainbows dance throughout the kitchen and dining room. I cannot believe how much the kids eat. They each had a quarter pound of grilled salmon with capers, peaches, edamame, and crackers. Oliver then had two oreos and a large glass of milk plus half of a granola bar. Jack finished his plate off with a small ice cream sandwich and two bowls of cereal and milk. Stinky and all crudded up, they're in the bath now, and I suspect I have just minutes before insistent cries of "I'm starving" reach me as I take two minutes for myself down here.

After a tough workout this morning, I had a great few hours of writing before running a couple errands and picking the boys up. Jack asked if we could "put a library in my [his] room" which I thought was a grand idea, so we bought a couple shelves at the Container Store and took down the old "pug orange juice" ad poster that's been on his wall since we moved into this house. He has a good plan for a corner nook in which he'll be next to a window and surrounded by books, all of which will be "organized and labeled by type. I'll use the label maker, Mom." A kid after my own heart.

I was all "woman, hear me roar" with the tools and plans, but I admit to getting gun shy when the instructions directed me to drill 12 1/8" holes except if I hit a stud and then there was some toggle bolt, and I just stopped and will wait for the troops-known-as-husband to come home and finish the job. Know when to fold 'em, I say.

I gotta boogie to a meeting. Back with you later or tomorrow. I did make a fresh batch of granola, and boy you should be in my kitchen right now. It smells to the nines!