Kale odor, nose slam

Oh my god, y'all. I am in my car in the school pick-up line, heard my name, thought my window was more open than it is, swung my head out and BASHED the area where my nose meets my under-nose area. Throbbing! Red! I feel like an ass, and I was not the Emily being sought. Good god. Earlier, I was hungry and really wanted something, probably a Vanilla Bean with kale, from Purée. It's been a while since I indulged there so I went and got the VBwK. The juicer and I started talking kale, and he asked, "have you ever smelled plain, juiced kale? It's pretty revolting." I had not and next thing I knew, I was inhaling a kale shot. In fact, it is beyond revolting. Oh.my.god. Never smell a kale shot unless you have to.