Jack's questions during our brief morning commute to school

I thought I might share a sampling of questions Jack asked me during our 12 minute drive to school this morning. Multiply this by 12 hours, and you get a sense of why my brain is rattling by bedtime. ;) 1) "Mommy, William said Krypton and kryptonite are real but that Superman isn't real and so couldn't have died. Do you think that's true? Which parts? I don't think Superman was real so he couldn't die."

2) "Underpants? What about when you're wearing shorts? Why not undershorts?" Well, Jack, it's a general term for the garment you wear underneath your clothing. "But, maybe we should use all the words, underpants, undershorts... Maybe I'll use a Sharpie and label all my drawers: shorts, pants, socks, underpants, shirts, sweaters, bathing suits..." Jack, you don't have that many drawers. "...pajamas, vests..." as if he never heard a word I said.

3) "Mommy, why are some boogers wet? Some are dry. What if I drew a picture of a booger? I'm going to hide my picking behind a Kleenex."

4) "Why was Walt Disney's name, Walt Disney? Why Disney? How old was Walt Disney when he started Disney?"