Is Mercury to blame?

Parts of today were nice, others were extremely trying but what was consistent was my awful clumsiness. Good grief. While making the preserved lemons earlier, I sliced my left index finger pretty badly; this is the same finger that required 7 stitches when I cut it last time. Ok, whatever, bring on the band-aids. Then, in going in for a hug with O, my fingernail scratched his chin to the point where it leaked a tiny bit of blood. AWFUL. He took it better than I did. About half an hour ago, I was unloading the dishwasher when my funny bone grazed a wine glass I'd literally just set on the counter- whoosh! Smithereens. And then, while removing the first batch of scones for Ol's class from the oven just now, I ripped my slightly healed finger cut open on the cooling rack and the blood started flowing. Again. Back to the band-aids. A friend today mentioned that everyone she knew was having a rough time, and I said that I'd had a few quite stressful days myself. Her reasoning: Mercury is in retrograde which apparently makes everything go to hell. We're also coming up on the Ides of March, and we know how well that turned out for Caesar. I am not much of an astrologer or a superstitious one, but for now I think I'll put down the knives and make dinner without them.