Is Mercury in retrograde?

Is there a full moon coming? Are End Times nigh? Is the heat making people crazy? I ask because I have seen some crazy s&*(t lately, and it's not pretty.

On Saturday, I, and about six other people, witnessed a very public, serious ado between a middle-aged married couple. They had just bought a large window screen and were storming through the hardware store parking lot screaming at each other in full throttle. She was near tears, screeching that "You're always mad at me, mean to me now. You scream at me. You're so mean!" He megaphoned back, "I'm trying to help you" before slamming her door, jumping behind the wheel of the convertible, slamming his door and burning rubber, the screen hanging out the back. He'd not driven five feet -at his weird 0-60 in 1 second flat- before pounding the breaks, yelling some more and then burning rubber again. As they roaringly careened out of the lot, the Mrs. was crying and screaming, and he was just screaming. It was awful.

Us spectators were struck dumb with sadness and a bit of horror. Where does a couple go from there? What's the next thing you say to each other, and how? Did the screen stay in the car, what with the insane slamming and speed cycles?

About an hour ago, right as rush hour commenced, I saw a bad wreck a block from my home. Some gal in a white car hit a mail truck and then continued to try and turn but hit another car (gray), hard. White car is fairly totaled, all the air bags deployed, gray car is smashed and the older lady inside was stuck between her seat and air bag, someone's car knocked down the no-turn sign (ironic) which was laying sadly in the street near the front tires of the mail truck, the mailman was pacing back and forth, spectators were gawking, a man got out of a Mini and started gesticulating wildly, a woman from the Mini joined him but said and gestured nothing, someone brought ice and water but only to Gray car, the fire trucks screamed up, the ambulance came too although it didn't seem super indicated, the city bus had to drive over the median to get past and everyone else started detouring. I was lucky to be walking and send vibes of health and hope for everyone involved.

Last night, felled by too many hours of a migraine and thus sadly kept from a party I wanted to attend, I still cobbled together a beautiful dinner. It was all red, white and green - think Italian flag more than Christmas - and just ungodly fresh. Watermelon with feta and mint; juicy Cherokee Purples sliced and layered with mozzarella and basil; red cherries; and toasted multigrain bread smeared with homemade ricotta and arugula, and drizzled with peppery olive oil and vin cotto. It was the stuff of dreams. Sad to say all my photos were blurry.

Damn Mercury.