Inspired, call to action

Nick Kristof has done it again. I am so inspired by his continued commitment to highlighting and educating us about the poverty and lack of rights that afflict so many, especially women, around the world. Did you read his article today? Jane is an amazing woman in Kenya who was left by her husband (for another wife), homeless and with two small children. She became a prostitute to support her children, but five years later joined Jamii Bora, a Nairobi-based anti-poverty organization that teaches entrepreneurship and financial planning in addition to providing housing and sobriety programs. Jane now has a successful dress sewing business, bought a home in the suburbs for her and her (now 3) children, all of whom are in school and doing extremely well. It is difficult to escape years of poverty though, Jane recently had to liquidate her savings to pay for medical care for her youngest daughter, and she struggles to find good material for her dresses. Kristof has set up a way-station to which anyone wanting to help Jane can send old bridesmaids, wedding or fancy dresses; he will then get all donated dresses delivered to Jane. So, if you have anything that could be of use to Jane, I offer myself as the collector and mailer. I'll gather dresses for a couple weeks and take care of getting them to Mr. Kristof in NY. Please consider digging through your closets and shoving anything my way. Many thanks!!!

If you'd like to read additional information about Jane, see this blog post by NK.